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  • Earn points just by using our site.
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  • Favorite contests that you want to enter often.

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As you use our site, you will be awarded points which you can then use to enter contests that we provide to our users! The more you use our site, the more chances you have to win! Each day you will be able to claim a login bonus to increase your points as well.


Filter out all the types of contests you don't want to see! This ensures that you only see the contests that interest you, thus saving you time to enter the ones you like!

We also group the contests by type: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, On Going and One Time so you know how often you can enter the contests you see.


With our embedded contest system, we offer the ability to visit a contest page, but still keep in touch with all the options available from our website. You may favorite the contest, report it and mark it as entered, which will keep track of when you last entered the contest so you don't have to remember! Very useful for daily contests. Once you are done, you can see another contest quickly, or go back to the listings on the site.


Keeping track of the contests you entered has never been easier. Everytime you click "I've entered this contest" it will save when you last entered it. All throughout the site it will tell you when you last entered that contest. You can also favorite certain contests you want to keep track of to easily see them every time you login! You will never be left wondering "Did I already enter this contest?" again!


We are constantly looking to keep improving to make it the best contest site available. We encourage our users to give us as much feedback as possible, so make your experience the best it can be. We have lots in store for so follow us on Facebook and visit us regularly to keep up to date with everything that we do.

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